The Green Light for Aalen UniversityCutting edge laser source for electromobility and 3D-printing

Thumb 201020 gr ner laser3

The first tests with the new laser system done by doctoral candidate Markus Hofele

Tu, 20. October 2020 At the Laser Application Centre of Aalen University, further construction of the equipment fleet and the associated opportunities push forward. Already in this year, research equipment valuing nearly 2 million Euros have been put to work. The newest addition is a high-powered laser system with green wavelengths. With these wavelengths, reflective metals like copper can also be processed, compared to conventional infrared lasers. This opens opportunities to investigate new research questions in the area of electromobility and additive manufacturing, together with regional companies.

A Wearable RobotExoskelett at Aalen University should ease physical work

Thumb 200917 exoskelett bild1tmoneckstein

The development of the shoulder piece must ensure that mobility is not restricted while working.

Fr, 18. September 2020 A wearable robot, attached to the body? It may sound like science fiction, but has already been enthusiastically applied in production. Because the so-called Exoskelett helps ease heavy loads and prevents posture problems that can occur with heavy physical labour. A research team at the robotics laboratory at Aalen University is working on the Exoskelett LeviAktor, which helps relieve physical strain with the help of motorized arms and shoulders.

What does the Mobility of Tomorrow look like?Aalen University students develop ideas for transportation of the future

Thumb 200915 mobilit tsprojekte foto privat

How would E-Bike stations be accepted, for example at the roundabout on Rombacher Street? How could its usability be improved?

Tu, 15. September 2020 w do people best get from point A to point B in the Ostalb region? Students of Aalen University investigated this question and surveyed the transportation habits of the townspeople. The results came back: more charging stations for E-Bikes, car-sharing offers at Aalen’s hubs, an app to simplify the public transportation system and new park-and-ride options could improve local transportation in the future.

Aalen University looks back on its first Online SemesterAround 80 percent of students managed to navigate the digital lectures, but still personal contact is missing

Thumb studierende der hochschule aalen bei einer pr fung in der ulrich pfeile halle foto volker knoblauch

In the times of Corona, the examinations demand large spaces: Aalen University students at an in-person examination in the Ulrich-Pfeifle Hall. Photo: Volker Knoblauch

Mo, 07. September 2020 The publication of the examination results marked the end of a very special summer semester 2020 for the students and teachers at Aalen University. Due to the Corona pandemic, all student functions were transferred to online platforms in record time. “Thanks to many creative ideas and fantastic engagement, we successfully mastered the first completely digital semester in the history of Aalen University”, summarizes Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider.

Photonics Research on the RiseThe German Research Foundation is funding 3D-printing at Aalen University

Thumb 200902 heinrich andreas fotografthomasklink

Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinrich from the Centre for Optical Technologies is excited about receiving funding from the DFG.

We, 02. September 2020 Soeben erfolgte der Startschuss für zwei neue Projekte zur additiven Fertigung und Formanpassung optischer Elemente am Zentrum für Optische Technologien der Hochschule Aalen. Im Vordergrund steht die Entwicklung neuer, möglicherweise bahnbrechender Technologien. Ergebnisse der grundlagenorientierten Forschung sollen nachfolgend in unterschiedliche Anwendungen eingehen und gegebenenfalls auch mit Unternehmen der Region bis zur Marktreife weiterentwickelt werden.

A Doctorate successfully Completed in ScotlandJulian Schlosser pushes research in the fields of AI and lightweight engineering forward at Aalen University

Thumb promotion julian schlosser1

The newly made Doctor Julian Schlosser (pictured right) together with his doctoral supervisor Dr. Wolfgang Rimkus

Fr, 28. August 2020 Research assistant Julian Schlosser from Aalen University’s Technology Center Lightweight Construction successfully completed his doctorate program at Glasgow Caledonian University. The title of his dissertation: „An Analysis of the Hotforming Process for High Strength Aluminium Sheet Metal Alloys”. Such building components made of high-strength aluminum alloys are applied in car body parts by means of heat reshaping. In a similar way, the next steps for the new doctor are already solidified: Schlosser will bring his new experiences from his research activity to the fields of artificial intelligence and lightweight engineering.

Prof. Dr. Miranda Fateri develops a new Transport System for the IndustryThe funding programme EXPLOR from the Kessler + Co. Foundation for Education and Culture supports the specialist for 3D-printing when putting together a research group.

Thumb 200826 explor fateri foto janaling

Prof. Dr. Miranda Fateri has devoted herself to 3D-printing. Currently, she is researching the perfect tubular form for a propulsion system, among other things.

We, 26. August 2020 Miranda Fateri has been a professor in the Faculty for Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Aalen University since October 2019. She has devoted herself to 3D-printing and, among other things, is currently developing a new type of cost-efficient propulsion system based on pressurised air, which can be used for transporting construction parts, for example. The project is now being supported with 40,000 Euros by the funding programme EXPLOR of the Kessler + Co. Foundation for Education and Culture.

Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Production of the FutureThe SmartPro-Partnership meeting at Aalen with great encouragement

Thumb 200716 smartpropartnerschaftstreffen foto1 fotografthomasklink

Andreas Jansche and Dr. Timo Bernthaler applying methods of machine learning to the microscopic analysis of the battery quality at Aalen University: a relevant topic during our meeting.

Th, 16. July 2020 In the middle of July, Aalen University hosted the 4th annual meeting of the SmartPro-Partnership with over 100 participants from the regional economic and scientific fields. The focus of the event, which met virtually for the first time, was artificial intelligence in industrial production and quality assurance. The highlights were two speeches from renowned scientists from the Fraunhofer IPA Institute of Stuttgart and the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence in California.

Digital Innovation SpaceNew Digitalization Center in Aalen

Thumb pnr 375 visualisierung digital innovation space copyright isin und co..jpg.420512

This is how the new Digital Innovation Space building, located between the new faculty building (left) and the parking garage near the stadium, and which is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, will look. (© Isin+Co).

Tu, 30. June 2020 Researchers, companies and the population use the creative space together. In Aalen, an architecturally prominent building is being built on the university campus for research topics in the field of digitalization. Its goal is to strenghen the sustainability of business.

New Measuring Device Detects the Smallest LeakagesResearchers at Aalen University are investigating the adhesion of plastics to metals.

Thumb marcel spadaro und dennis jahn von der hochschule aalen sp ren mit der neuen helium leckage messapparatur kleinste undichtheiten auf

Marcel Spadaro (l) and Dennis Jahn from Aalen University track the smallest leakages with the new helium leakage measuring device. Photo: © Aalen University | Shalem Indrupati

Mo, 22. June 2020 Long-lasting products are sustainable. This applies to smartphones in the same way as to engine control units or battery cells for electric mobility. For that reason, electric and electronic components must be protected from intruding moisture, so that they endure for the complete service life. Only when plastics tightly seal, e.g. the metal electrodes of a pacemaker, thee sensitive inner electronics are protected from potential damages caused by penetrating bodily fluids. A new measuring device allows researchers at Aalen University to detect the smallest leakages in the interface of adhesively bonded plastic-metal joints and thus help to improve the seal tightness of such interfaces.

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