We, 08. September 2021

We are happy to present to you our brand new image film! Check it out youtube:

Fr, 03. September 2021

Dear partners of Aalen University, we from the Business Informatics xChange Team are planning to allow students to participate in digital courses and activities offered by our partner universities.

This would allow an international digital exchange to socialize and to learn more about different cultures and languages. This can provide a relevant advantage in the future careers of Aalen’s as well as your students.

Are you interested in cooperating? Then please click the link below and fill our short survey by September 30, 2021.

Thank you in advance.

 Best wishes

xChange Team

Conquering Space with Artificial IntelligenceAalen University’s computer scientists successfully competed in a contest from the European Space Agency

A team of Aalen University’s computer scientists directed by Prof. Dr. Andreas Theissler achieved fourth place in the data challenge for the ARIEL space mission. Photo Credits: © Jan Walford | Aalen University

Th, 12. August 2021 How can we discover foreign planets and learn something about them without even flying into space? To answer this question, Aalen University’s scientists applied the principles of machine learning, which is part of artificial intelligence. A team of computer scientists successfully competed in a competition from the Consortium of the European Space Agency (ESA) for the upcoming space mission ARIEL (Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Explanet Large-survey), which will research outer space, as well discover and observe planets outside of our solar system.

Students Develop Strategy for International Market Entry of a Continuing Education Concept from the RegionA new collaboration between Aalen University with the company Development Quests and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Alexandra Wendler, a student in the Healthcare Management study program at Aalen University, gathers valuable experiences in the international practice project. Photo credits: private

We, 21. July 2021 Aalen University students as well as students from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China worked together with the company Development Quests (DQ) in an international practice project. The focus was on the conceptual adaptation of special methodologies for career development, based on the expectations and needs of potential US-American and Chinese customers.

Research Center for Complex Systems awarded BWS Plus Funding of over 150,000 EUROver 150,000 EUR go towards deepening international collaboration

Tu, 06. July 2021 Baden-Württemberg Stiftung has awarded a three year grant to enable the Research Center for Complex Systems (RCS) to strengthen its links with academic institutions in Myanmar. “We have been working with both Yangon and Mandalay Universities for several years and welcome the opportunity to deepen this collaboration,” said Prof. Frank Thomas Gärtner, leader of the Design Research group within RCS.