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Aalen University Close to a Partnership with the Largest University in SeattleStudents of International Business Administration should receive new exchange opportunities

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Support for new exchange opportunities in the study program International Business Studies: Prof. Dr. Jae-Aileen Chung...

Tu, 07. January 2020 The study area International Business Studies (IBW) at Aalen University is working both on expansion and on the further development of their international partnerships. Program Coordinator Prof. Dr. Jae-Aileen Chung and her colleague Prof. Dr. Robert Rieg, Head of the Master Program Financial Management, have just visited a university rich in tradition, the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle.

Prizes for International Engagement Awarded at Aalen UniversityNew Honorary Ambassadors for East Württemberg from all around the World

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Student Daniela Archila is the DAAD Prize Holder 2019 – here with Laudator Prof. Dr. Jürgen Strauß and Vice President Prof. Dr. Harald Riegel (right).

Fr, 20. Dezember 2019 At the Aalen University International Christmas Party, three students, Daniela Archila, Daniel Fritsche, and Fiona Wißmann, were honored for their great voluntary engagement. Outside of this, 28 certificates were awarded to the new Honorary Ambassadors to East Württemberg. With support from Studierendenwerk Ulm, the event was organized by the Aalen University International Center, comprising the International Relations Office, the Language Center, the University’s charitable association „International Society Aalen (ISA)“, and the Welcome Office for International Students in East Württemberg (WISO).

International New Recruits in Demand in the RegionStudents from Aalen University get to know the business on site at the „Open Door Day“

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Good chances in the future for international students – they are in demand in the region as well-trained specialists

Th, 19. Dezember 2019 Students from the Welcome Office for International Students East Württemberg (WISO) at Aalen University, together with students from the DHBW Heidenheim and PH Schwäbisch Gmünd, were guests at the companies Teamviewer and Richter Lighting Technologies GmbH. With their intercultural experiences and good knowledge of English, they are in demand as new recruits in the region.

Fiona Wißmann Receives ISA Prize 2019Master Student honored at the International Christmas Party

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The prize holder Fiona Wißmann in the middle, right Prorector Prof. Dr. Harald Riegel, left the academic dean Prof. Dr. Anna Nagl

Th, 12. Dezember 2019 This year’s 500 Euro endowed prize of the International Society Aalen (ISA), a charitable association at Aalen University that sponsors the University’s international activities, recently went to Fiona Wißmann from the degree program Optometry. „During her semester abroad at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, Fiona Wißmann not only professionally prepared her own experiences in her bachelor thesis as a guideline for the next students, but by her own initiative created so called „Explanatory Videos“, so that students in the future receive simple and compact video guides for planning a stay abroad,“ was the explanation of the judges.

Model Sustainability ConceptsChinese Researchers Inquire about Activities at Aalen University

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Chinese Researchers from Peking inquired about Sustainable City Development at the University

Tu, 12. November 2019 A high-ranking delegation from the Beijing Academy of Science and Technology (BJUST) from China came as guests to Aalen University in order to get a glimpse into the research and activities under the theme of sustainability.

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