Aalen University Newsletter for International Partners

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Greetings from Aalen University’s International Center!

As a successor of the limes international magazine for international partners, students and parents, we are happy to present today a new format: the Aalen University International Newsletter.

It contains the latest news of relevance to our international readership as well as the information related to our international, English taught programs and to application procedures.

The Aalen University team, together with the team of its International Center (picture on the top) wish a pleasant reading, hoping that the information provided will be another source of inspiration for further cooperation activities between our institutions.

Kind regards,

Pascal Cromm

Director International Relations

English Taught Lectures at Aalen University

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We have an exciting selection of English Taught Lectures in many areas, including Digitization & Data Science, Finance Accounting Controlling & Taxation; Future Materials, General Management & Business Tranformation, Industrial & Sustainable Management, Lightweight Design & Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales, Optoelectronics Photonics & Laser Technology, STEM, & Vision Science.  

» Download the new brochure

Application Procedure

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We are now welcoming applications from your students nominated for exchange studies at Aalen University for the Autumn Semester 2019 and full academic year (Autumn 2019 + Spring 2020).

The application period is from November 1st to November 30th 2019, and we expect to receive all the online applications by November 30th 2019. Please note that the deadline is strict especially for the non-EU applicants who need to apply for a visa or a residence permit, because the process takes time.

» Nomination & Application Instructions

» Contact for Nominations : aaa@hs-aalen.de


Aalen University in Silicon Valley Students Visit the Epicenter of the Start-Up Scene

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From Aalen to the USA – students at Aalen University plunged into a week long Start Up Culture in Silicon Valley.

Tu, 22. October 2019 Going through the Customer and Applications Center at one of the world’s largest Design Service Providers, working at a real business case of a globally established electronics giant, or riding a bicycle through the Google Campus – during their visit to Silicon Valley, students from Aalen University got a peek into the daily work life of global corporations, and got to learn the Start-Up culture.

Visiting the Middle KingdomAalen University Organizes an International Week with Shenzhen Technology University in China

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A tree as a symbol for the relationships between the Chinese Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) and their partner universities: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider, Rector of Aalen University, and SZTU-President Prof. Ruan Shuangchen (front right) actively assist with the planting.

Fr, 11. October 2019 In the face of China’s increasing importance in the economic field, as well as in the research sector, Aalen University would like to further intensify their contacts in the Middle Kingdom. A delegation from Aalen University visited Shenzhen Technology University’s (SZTU) International Week in China. President Prof. Ruan Shuangchen emphasized, that Aalen University was SZTU’s first partner university, and because of this, the relationship to Aalen is a special one. It is now necessary to further expand it through mutual exchange.

Researchers Meet a Freshly Picked Nobel Prize WinnerCo-Workers at the Institute for Materials Research Congratulate Stanley Whittingham in Ulm

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Dr. Veit Steinbauer, Dr. Stefan Kreißl, Professor Dr. Volker Knoblauch and Jens Sandherr (from left) congratulate the winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry Stanley Whittingham on Wednesday

Th, 10. October 2019 Researchers at the Institute for Materials Research in Aalen (IMFAA) on Wednesday were allowed to witness a substantial moment for Battery Research. At the conference „Advanced Lithium Batteries for Automobile Applications“ in Ulm, it was announced that the Nobel Prize for Chemistry went to Stanley Whittingham, who, in the morning, had held the plenary session and still found himself in the plenum at the moment. So, Dr. Veit Steinbauer, Dr. Stefan Kreißl, Jens Sandherr and Professor Dr. Volker Knoblauch from the IMFAA could deliver their best wishes directly and personally to the Nobel Prize winner.

For Faster Loading in Electro MobilityMulti-Million Grant for Battery Research at Aalen University

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Battery research at Aalen University: In a so-called „Glovebox“ (or Glove Chamber), electrodes are assembled into battery cells after processing with a laser.

Mo, 12. August 2019 Long wait times at the loading station should, in the near future, be a thing of the past. The Federally funded project „structur.e“ would like to contribute to that and has set itself a goal: to develop new lithium-ion batteries with improved fast-charging capabilities for electric vehicles. With a group of renowned cooperating partners of economy and science, completely new solution approaches should be pursued. Today, there are already the first promising findings that back this potential.