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International incomings: degree-seeking and exchange students

Aalen University extends a warm welcome to all prospective students, whether you have lived in Aalen or its surroundings your entire life or come from halfway across the globe.

There is information about Aalen International Program, our English taught courses and more documents.

Also, you will find application procedures for studying at Aalen University when clicking the submenu. Depending on your status, go to degree-seeking students section or to exchange students section.

Below, you will find general information about the university and the state of Baden-Württemberg where we are located: learn more about the outstanding educational, cultural and industrial opportunities in this German "Land."

Aalen International Program

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Our Program - your chance

Our English taught Programs are thematically structured within the frame of AIP - Aalen International Program. 

The Aalen International Program Brochure contains practical information related to your intended stay at Aalen University and gives an overview to consider your choice of lectures. Below you can find the English taught lectures for German Spring Term and Fall Term. Design your learning agreement easily on the basis of Aalen International Program. 

Below you can also find the syllabi of our English taught courses of Fall Term 2020. On the first sheet of the spreadsheet, you can create a one-page module manual of desired courses by inserting the course number. The numbers, course names and other information you can find on the second sheet (and the brochure). You can also filter by Buzzword etc.

Spring Term 2020

Fall Term 2020

From 4 weeks before semester start you can configure your personal timetable. You can add courses of different study programs and see the lecture schedule as well as possible overlapps. (Choose the study program your course is offered in, select the semester the course is taught in and cross out the courses you don't take. Then go to other study program.) We will explain the tool in the Orientation weeks and assist you.

Please keep in mind that a learning agreement is not a contractual document. It is not excluded that due to unforeseen circumstances changes to the offering of the courses have to be made at the beginning of a semester.

Admission procedures and entry requirements outlined underneath concern exchange students associated with one of Aalen University's partner institutions only. Degree-seeking students, please consult the section for degree-seeking students. Free movers wishing to spend one or two semesters at Aalen University should address directly the International Relations Office of Aalen University. 

Most exchanges within Europe take place under the umbrella of the Erasmus+ programme which applies the European Credit Transfer System called ECTS. But also exchange students coming from Non-European partner universities will be admitted under the European Credit Transfer System allowing them to transfer credits obtained at Aalen University.

Coursework will be defined in a learning agreement and credits achieved and exams passed will be validated by the home university according to ECTS on the basis of the transcript of records that students will receive at the end of their stay in Aalen.

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To facilitate the procedure, we have prepared an online application portal for incoming students, where they will submit the application documents electronically. The link for registration will be sent out after nomination by home university. 

A complete application will contain:

  • The application form (to be signed by your institution before sending)

    The so-called "Antrag auf eingeschränkte Zulassung" (necessary for formal enrolment)

    The application form for an Email account

    The learning agreement (please check the section courses of the website)

    Proofs of language proficiency in German and/or English

    A final project request form (in case you wish to carry out your final project / degree dissertation at Aalen University only)

    Recent photo (passport format)

    A transcript of records including all your study results so far

    A full curriculum vitae

All relevant application documents will be acquired from the application portal. 

The deadlines for submitting a full application are April 30 for the winter semester and November 30 for the summer semester. All exchange students have to be selected and nominated by the partner university for their study abroad period at Aalen University to be re-confirmed via signature from the international relations office of the partner institution in the application form.

Exchange students from Non-European countries will need a visa for Germany and should consider that getting the visa may take quite some time. Therefore, we advise you to apply for Aalen University as soon as possible. After we have received your application we will send you a letter of admission ("eingeschränkte Zulassung"), along with an invitation confirming your status. Only then can you apply for your visa at the German embassy or a German Consulate.

When enrolling at Aalen University the following additional items (normally after arrival): adequate health insurance (can also be taken in Aalen), the payment of a semester contribution to the German Student Association, and a residence permit (Aufenthaltsgenehmigung). As soon as you will have fulfilled the enrolment requirements (normally a couple of days after your arrival) you will get your student card.

There are many academic and organizational decisions to be made when you want to study in a foreign country. Your home university has coordinators as well as an international relations office to assist you in obtaining information about the program you are interested in and to help you handle the technicalities involved in studying at Aalen University.

You will find complementary information related to studies at Aalen University in the section above "Documents for International Students and Partners".

We look forward to welcoming you here in Aalen!

Admission procedures and entry requirements outlined underneath concern degree-seeking students only. The study opportunities to join the academic community of Aalen University can be found in the section courses.

Application for a postgraduate program (Master)

Have you already acquired your first degree and are now seeking a program which will impart more specific knowledge in your field? Are you interested in studying in Germany because of its excellent reputation in the high-tech industry, and you feel comfortable being instructed in the English language?

If your background fits this description, then you should take a moment to inform yourself about Aalen University's graduate degree programs, each of which is designed to be completed within 1.5 to 2 years.

As a benchmark when applying, you may keep in mind that you will need a successfully completed university degree of three or four years of duration, depending on the country you come from. Your total education, meaning school and university, should consequently have lasted up to a minimum of 15 years. Information about entrance requirements are included with each course description. We look forward to receiving your application!

  • The Master of Science in Photonics is designed especially for candidates with a university degree in optoelectronics, electronics, physics, optics etc. (intake in September only, application deadline 15th of June).

    The Master of Science in Polymer Technology is ideal for graduate students with a background in mechanical engineering, materials science, chemistry, production engineering etc. (intake in March only, application deadline 15th of December).

    The Master of Science in Vision Science & Business is catered toward candidates who have already earned a degree in optometry and would like to combine their knowledge with business expertise (intake every 2 years in September only, application deadline July 15th).

    The Master of Arts in International Marketing and Sales is designed for graduate students with a background in business or management studies (intake in September only, application deadline 15th of July).

Application for an undergraduate program (Bachelor)

If you seek to attend an undergraduate course of Aalen University and have a foreign school-leaving certificate, you need to first send your documents to the ASK (Institute for International Students located in Konstanz) that is in charge of validation of previous studies when applying at universities of applied sciences in the German state Baden-Württemberg.

The ASK is in charge of validating your school-leaving certificate and, in some cases, your previous studies to insure they conform with federal guidelines. Moreover a German language proficiency exam needs to be passed. Certified photocopies of the results of the evaluation and the German proficiency exam must then be passed on to Aalen University before a candidate can be admitted.

Depending on your home country and your educational background, you may be required to pass in addition the Feststellungsprüfung at the ASK or simply the DSH German-language examination. Applicants in need of the German proficiency exam only may take the DSH-exam at ASK in Konstanz or, alternatively, the Test-DaF-exam at Aalen University.

Once you have had your foreign credentials examined by the ASK and have successfully passed the German-language examination and (if needed) the Feststellungsprüfung, you will receive respective certificates, which will allow you to be admitted to Aalen University if you have been selected by our admissions office.

Please consult the ASK website to check what documents you will need to send to them and to download their application form. To apply afterwards for a course of study at Aalen University, please click here.

All required application documents must have been received by Aalen University at the application deadlines. The postmarked date is not enough! Applicants who have missed the deadline or improperly supplied documents according to the regulations will not be considered for selection. This includes missing or late documents. The application deadlines are

    15 July for the winter semester and

    15 January for the summer semester.

Ten percent of the overall student population at Aalen University of Applied Sciences consists of international students coming from more than 60 different countries. Aalen University of Applied Sciences is a modern university where academic excellence in both teaching and research is a standard not to be compromised. This fact is confirmed by the numerous technology transfer centers at the institution, the library, which is very well stocked in the engineering sciences, and the scientific facilities, which are modernly equipped with cutting-edge technology.

A variety of opportunities are available for you to choose from. Founded in 1963 as a state engineering school and transformed into a university of applied sciences in 1971, Aalen University of Applied Sciences currently hosts 5,500 students studying in the university's five academic schools, which are: Chemistry; Electronics & Computing Science; Management & Business Sciences; Mechanical Engineering & Materials Technologies; Optics & Mechatronics.

Students are taught by 150 professors. In addition to the academic staff, there are another 300 personnel plus a considerable number of student services units, all providing services to allow for an ideal study environment. A further 150 part-time lecturers coming from private companies (managers, engineers etc.) teach on special subjects, supplying a perfect link between theory and practice.

Being fully aware of the importance of your decision about where to study, the university management invites you to navigate through this website. We ensure you that we will do our best to make your studies as productive, rewarding and as enjoyable as possible. Aalen University's motivation for internationalization is firmly rooted in its mission and educational policy. Therefore, an increasing part of the newly instituted curricula contains international aspects. Aalen University firmly believes that contact between people from different nations promotes mutual understanding, cultural and business relationships, and friendship.

Aalen University is a member of the European Association of Universities (EUA), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Rectors' Conference (HRK).

The main characteristic of universities of applied sciences ("Hochschulen") like Aalen University of Applied Sciences is that they relate theoretical knowledge to practical experience outside of the academic environment. Professors at universities of applied sciences have a strong industrial background and are thus in a position to provide students with excellent links to companies.

All laboratory research projects emphasize applying theoretical knowledge to concrete problems. The curriculum is highly structured and students work in small groups and take regularly scheduled examinations throughout the semesters. A study course at Aalen University of Applied Sciences for the Bachelor's degree requires seven semesters. Three to four semesters are required for a Master's degree.

Universities of applied sciences are very popular among students, in part because they give students numerous opportunities to combine their studies with practical experience in the real world of business. The transition from the academic to the working world is much smoother, as students are immediately operational. Today in Germany, more than 60% of all engineers and about 50% of all business and management graduates come from universities of applied sciences.

The Black Forest, Heidelberg, the Stuttgart Ballet, Porsche, Bosch, DaimlerChrysler, Carl Zeiss Optik and SAP are all names of global significance. However, not only global players but also many small and medium-sized international engineering companies positively influence the state's economy.

Situated at the heart of the European economic market, Baden-Württemberg has a truly cosmopolitan character, a large cultural diversity and beautiful landscapes, all contributing to an excellent quality of life. Being one of the most economically competitive German states, it is no surprise that almost one quarter of Germany's research and development capacity is concentrated in Baden-Württemberg. It is among the German states with the largest number of universities, many of which are internationally renowned. 

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Aalen in Southern Germany

You will find information about the life in Germany here.

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Aalen International Program