Research Center for Complex Systems awarded BWS Plus Funding of over 150,000 EUROver 150,000 EUR go towards deepening international collaboration

Tu, 06. July 2021

The Research Center for Complex Systems (RCS) received a grant of over 150,000 EUR from the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung BWS Plus towards building over three years research partnerships and network activities between researchers and academic institutions from Myanmar and Germany, especially on initiatives across systems science and design. Prof. Frank Thomas Gärtner, who was awarded the grant in collaboration with Ulm and Konstanz Universities of Applied Sciences, is Professor of Product Design and Strategic Product Development at Aalen University. “We have been working with both Yangon and Mandalay Universities for several years and welcome the opportunity to deepen this collaboration,” said Prof. Gärtner, leader of the Design Research group within RCS. “The partners have a strong research focus on design and design processes. Ideally, we would like for them to not only deepen their existing research relationships, but also strengthen new forms of research cooperation. As for the academic scholars and students, they are open minded, responsive to new ideas, and, most importantly, sufficiently well educated in science.” On receiving the grant and facing challenges, Prof. Gärtner said: “As good as this news is, let us not forget that apart from the global COVID-19 pandemic, Myanmar is still addressing February's military coup. Academic institutions both in Germany and Myanmar have done a good job in adapting to the new circumstances and we are very keen on maintaining the collaboration between our partners across a variety of disciplines for the future.”