Model Sustainability ConceptsChinese Researchers Inquire about Activities at Aalen University

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Chinese Researchers from Peking inquired about Sustainable City Development at the University

Tu, 12. November 2019

A high-ranking delegation from the Beijing Academy of Science and Technology (BJUST) from China came as guests to Aalen University in order to get a glimpse into the research and activities under the theme of sustainability.

Fifteen researchers from Beijing made a stop in Aalen during an educational trip to Germany. This was the express wish of the delegation, since they had already heard a lot about the comprehensive sustainability measures of Aalen University and the good cooperation with the city. „The international interest shows us that our concepts grab people’s attention and that we are one of the forerunners in sustainable development,“ said Prof. Dr. Ulrich Holzbaur, sustainability commissioner at Aalen University. The trip of the delegation from Far East was organized by the Carl Duisberg Society, that promotes international continuing education.

The Focus of the Visit to Aalen Was on Sustainable City Development

Prof. Dr. Harald Riegel, Vice President of Aalen University, greeted the representatives of the largest local research institute of the People’s Republic of China and gave insight into the scientific activities and international connections, especially to China.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Holzbaur then presented the sustainability activities of the university and of the city. This includes other projects that are being implemented in „Real Laboratories“, such as: the university project ESPRESSO, that has the focus of sustainable learning, the „Grüner Aal“ environmental management system, and its implementation at schools in Aalen, as well as other municipal activities within the framework of Local Agenda 21, presented by Monika Bühr, a research assistant in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Mayor Karl-Heinz Ehrmann welcomed the delegation on behalf of the city and explained the measures within the sustainability strategy. Education and climate protection, bicycle paths, and information days about energy are only a few of the core themes with regard to climate-friendly city development. On behalf of the head of the environmental department, Rudolf Kaufmann, Holzbaur then gave a presentation about climate-friendly city development.

Diverse Cooperation Possibilities

Prof. Li Yanxue, scientific director of the delegation, and Dr. Zhang of the delegation that serves the Carl Duisberg Society, were impressed by the diversity of the activities and of the good cooperation between the university and the city. Yanxue and Holzbaur are convinced that interesting projects can develop in the area of sustainability as well as other fields of research, from this meeting.

Photo Credit: © Aalen University / Janine Soika