The beautiful Ends of the EarthExchange week in Bloemfontein – Students visiting South Africa

The students of the part-time degree programmes at the Cape of Good Hope.

Th, 07. February 2019

31 students of the master degree programmes, Mechanical Engineering, General Management, Industrial Engineering and Technical Management of the Aalen University Academy of Further Education and the Graduate School Ostwürttemberg were guests at the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein, South Africa during an exchange week.

After arriving together in South Africa, the students broke off into two groups. One group attended the lecture, “Digital Product Development” and worked closely with CAD systems to create models with the help of a 3D printer. The other group learned more about the planning and development of personnel in companies, as well as personnel management in the times of Industry 4.0 during the lecture “Human Resources Management”.

Besides the lectures, the programme included a company excursion and sightseeing, of course. The group visited the company Raubex, which is one of the biggest construction companies in South Africa. The trip included an informative lecture about the company and an interesting tour of the company’s own quarry.

The students also had time to experience South Africa’s culture and nature. For example, a photo safari, a traditional South African barbecue evening also known as “Braii”, as well as a day trip to the Cape of Good Hope all made up the programme.

Photo Credits: Benedikt Imhof