International Business Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Student Life

Parts of the student life is predefined by the study programme you registered for (i.e. International Business Studies in our case). Please visit the Programme Overview section to learn more about the programme as well as career opportunities or opportunities for further education offered by Aalen University.

In addition you can find more information about our study programme in our Downloads and Links section. In that section we offer you more information referring to several categories such as “module and lecture descriptions”, “internship” and others. Please note, as most of the forms you need are in German language the German Downloads and Links sections is more detailed.

However, a student’s life is more than studying a specific study programme. You will find new friends among our fellow students, incoming students from foreign countries, and build an international network while doing your internship and study abroad.

Besides these more general aspects Aalen University offers you several opportunities for further education or to have a nice time and enjoy yourself:

  • You can participate in the “General Studies” of Aalen University. This means there are a variety of guest lectures, trainings (e.g. Assessment Center Training), general lectures in areas such as architectures, culture, history and many others. Learn more.
  • You can learn an additional language from the broad offer of the Language Centre of Aalen University. Learn more.
  • You can engage yourself in several student councils and represent the students of your course of study, your faculty or the students of the university. Learn more.
  • You can engage yourself in the “Buddy programme” of the International Relations Office. Learn more .
  • You can do sports with other students at the university sports club. Learn more.

These are just some suggestions, to learn more about student life at Aalen University please visit the main website of the Student Life section.